Queen Victoria, Prince Albert & their times

Helen’s work on the life of Victoria embraces every aspect of her life and reign, from youthful impetuosity, through marriage, childbirth, bereavement and her long widowhood

“Rappaport writes about her subject with zest and energy, retaining the narrative pace … with interesting facts … she shows great sympathy towards Victoria as a woman.”


This page is a portal into Helen’s work on Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their times. Scroll down for links to her books on this topic and to articles & latest media resources.

Books about Queen VictoriaPrince Albert & their times

The Victoria Letters

This Sunday Times bestseller and official companion to the ITV drama series paints a vivid picture of the personal life of one of Britain’s greatest monarchs.

A Magnificent Obsession

Richly compelling, this is the story of a magnificent obsession that even death could not sever.

Queen Victoria - a biographical companion

A complete A-Z reference on Queen Victoria-a unique resource focusing on all aspects of her public and private life.

Capturing the Light

An exploration of the birth of photography and the role of Henry Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre in its development.

Helen talks about the death of Prince Albert

Helen talks to Tony Robinson about Queen Victoria & Prince Albert in Scotland

From 40th minute

Helen talks to Lucy Worsley about the day before Prince Albert’s death  – An Encounter with Death, 13 December 1861  

Listen here

Latest Articles and Media about Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

The Victorian Christmas

The Victorian Christmas

The cosy Dickensian Christmas referred to in Queen Victoria’s diary for Christmas Eve 1860, was in great part popularized by Victoria and Albert after their marriage in 1840. During the 21 years that followed they did much to set their own particular stamp on how the festival is celebrated in this country.

Back Home in Dickensland

Back Home in Dickensland

As children we were fearless. Mean, and muddy, and at times dispiriting it may have been, but the Medway Estuary was our paradise. My own daydreams draw me there still…

Queen Victoria’s dress sense – or lack of it

Queen Victoria’s dress sense – or lack of it

Queen Victoria’s dress sense – or rather, lack of it – was a subject that regularly provoked the despair of her courtiers. Despite his best efforts, the court painter, Franz Winterhalter, who painted some of the most fashionable women in Europe, could not disguise Victoria’s slightly provincial air…

Queen Victoria’s Passion for Photography

Queen Victoria’s Passion for Photography

The 63-year reign of Queen Victoria brought with it much invention and innovation, but nothing has probably been more significant in defining the mental picture we all of have of her and Victorian everyday life than the photograph.

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