Helen Rappaport

internationally bestselling author, media consultant & historian specialising in the period 1837 – 1918 in Britain and Russia

“A rare combination of talents is Helen Rappaport; as an historian she exhibits a deep and sensitive insight into the past; and as a writer of English, her style is one of clarity and freshness”

Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse

About Helen

Dr Helen Rappaport is a Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author and historian specialising in the period 1837–1918 in late Imperial and revolutionary Russia and Victorian Britain.

She has written 17 books covering her broad range of historical knowledge, and is a regular contributor to history and documentary programmes for TV, radio and online media such as Netflix. As a historical consultant she most recently worked on the first two series of the ITV drama Victoria.

As a linguist with a degree in Russian Special Studies, she has also worked for many years as a literal translator in the theatre, specialising in the plays of Anton Chekhov.

In 2016 Helen was awarded an Honorary D.Litt by her old alma mater, Leeds University, for her services to history.

Explore Helen’s areas of expertise & discover  a rich repository of best-selling books, videos, images, articles & original, unpublished research

Romanovs, Russia & Revolution


Queen Victoria, Prince Albert & their times


Mary Seacole & Black Victorian History

Women's History: Reformers & Rebels


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