Mary Seacole & Black Victorian History

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Mary Seacole & Black Victorian History

My long held ambition to write a biography of Mary Seacole has finally come to pass.

The end product of many years of extensive & exhaustive research, this book reveals the true story of this remarkable woman, unravelling numerous myths & misconceptions & detailing much new evidence about her extraordinary life.

Articles about Mary Seacole and Black Victorian History

Mary Seacole, Creole Doctress, Nurse and Healer

Mary Seacole, Creole Doctress, Nurse and Healer

In Crimea during 1854–5 Mary Seacole demonstrated that her home-grown Jamaican practice of hygiene, healthy food, natural remedies and kindness – had a lot more to offer than traditional medicine, making her nursing practice a far more modern, holistic one that people might have imagined.

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